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Individual and institutional diagnoses

Individual diagnoses

Individual diagnoses are aimed at career assessments. They provide the opportunity to reflect on managers’ professional past and future. This work often takes place at a pivotal moment in their personal and professional life and is prompted either by the employing institution or by their boss.

The timely intervention of the adviser in leadership helps managers to better discern their career path and desires and, where necessary, to reorient their career plan.

At the end of the exploration phase, a synthesis report is submitted. It serves as a basis for the implementation of the new career plan.

Institutional diagnoses

Institutional diagnoses or internal climate audits offer an analysis of the effectiveness of a team, a department or the institution as a whole.

This work involves in-depth individual and collective interviews. The consultant encourages participants to better discern their role and, in certain cases, the resistance to the transformation of their institution.

The dynamics are analysed in a synthesis report.

These diagnoses are very useful during transitional phases such as reorganisation, succession and post-acquisition periods. They can lead to the organisation of workshops for implementing decisions.