Beyond consultancy... action!

Intercultural management

Praxis international offers training to understand various cultural contexts and take better action in this regard. These activities may be requested upon the acquisition of a company to improve the management of a cosmopolitan team, or for an expatriation or foreign mission.

The consultant offers the participants a new framework in order to avoid the clich├ęs, prejudices and preconceived ideas that could endanger the success of their work. For example, authority and resistance are two attitudes that are manifested in different ways across various countries and cultures.

To appreciate diversity, the consultant provides markers and sensitises managers to the specificities of the respective culture.

Our expertise is based on the personal, university and professional backgrounds of our French consultants and of our international network. Several of them have lived the experience of expatriation and all of them work in multicultural contexts. With respect to training, we have the capacity to mobilise specialists who are well-known in various global cultural fields.

The advisers take on the role of an interpreter and educator on intercultural management in order to facilitate an understanding of foreign realities.