Beyond consultancy... action!

Our partners

The Board of Directors

  • Bernard Leblanc
  • David Gutmann
  • Raphaël Gutmann
  • Jacqueline Ternier McConnico
  • Jean-François Bénard
  • Pierre Lubek

Reflection committee

  • David Gutmann
  • Dominique Maillard
  • Jo Toledano
  • Louise Edberg
  • Marc Fosseux
  • Michel Tournier
  • Michel Yakovleff
  • Raphaël Gutmann
  • Sylvie Toral
  • Yeshaya Dalsace

Network committee

The members of our international network meet every six months in Paris.
They come from the following cities: Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cairo, London, Liège, Luxembourg, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, New Orleans, Paris, Port-of-Spain, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Turin and Verona.