Beyond consultancy... action!

Praxis international was created at a pivotal time in modern history. Its founding on 15th December 1989 came within just a few weeks of the fall of the Berlin Wall. These major changes left their mark on our identity. From the beginning, we have taken prevailing political, economic and social transformations into account to adapt our expertise to the challenges faced by managers.

The firm’s genesis dates from the early 1980s when David Gutmann and Jacqueline Ternier McConnico met at the Société internationale des conseillers de synthèse. United by their complementarity, they built a solid, dedicated and innovative institution capable of facilitating the transformation of other institutions.

For a long time, Praxis international worked mostly with large French energy groups. Over the years, the firm has diversified its clientele. In France and abroad, it supports managers of companies and organisations in the fields of primary industry, high technology, energy supply, administrative oversight and finance.

To secure the future, our development relies on transmitting our ‘artisanal’ profession with new generations of advisers in leadership.

Praxis international has an international network of consultants from Argentina, Belgium, Cuba, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Peru, Spain, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago, the U.S.A. etc.