Beyond consultancy... action!

Support to managers
or "synthesis application"

Our support method is known as “synthesis application”. This activity is carried out through regular meetings in a context of strict confidentiality. The goal is to provide a moment in which the manager can step back from the routine and reflect freely in order to contain everyday anxiety and transform it into creative energy.

Based on this, a partnership of varying duration is established along specific lines. The role of the adviser in leadership is neither to state what must be done, nor to provide solutions or absolute truths. His views are meant to challenge certitudes in order to open up the field of vision. The adviser in leadership supports, listens, takes note of what was said and done, clarifies and interprets.

The adviser in leadership is by nature, external to the manager’s institution. He offers a vision formed by a culture, education and history that are often quite different. This alterity helps the manager/leader to step back from situations in order to better understand them.

For the manager, the advantages are manifold. It is an opportunity to work on the way in which roles and responsibilities are exercised. The manager becomes more aware of his/her way of being, acting and taking decisions, as well as of the projections received from colleagues up and down the hierarchy.

Through this efficient, benevolent and demanding process, managers can identify and overcome their resistance in order to strengthen their authority, leadership and effectiveness.